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Hollywood Undead

Now that I have looked at the genre rock, I will now move onto rap-rock to show a difference in genre will effect the outcome of their music video. I have decided to use the band Hollywood Undead as they are completely different to The White Stripes.

The bands first single “Everywhere I go” is about partying and sex, this fits in with their genre being rap, because if you listen to other artists from the same genre genre they tend to talk about the same things.

The video for this song fits in with the lyrics as it starts with someone in bed next to his girlfriend yelling for his mum to get him a beer. The persons face has been blocked out with a picture of a mask, this is because they are trying to promote themselves as a band and later on you will see that all of the members of the band wear masks. It cuts back to the band playing alot this is so the viewer can establish you is in the band and what there style is. As with most rap videos it sticks to the same conventions by having cars and girls. This also means that viewers will know what there style of music is, for example in a rock video it tends to have a lot of shots of the band playing and live footage.


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The White Stripes Continued.

I’ve decided to now analyse a video made later by them called “Blue Orchid”. This is to show the difference in style now that they are a well established band and no longer need to promote themselves.

Here is a link to the video.

This video is very different from “Hotel Yorba” as it doesn’t concentrate on the band playing as much. This is because people know who they are so they can have other things happening in the video.

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The White Stripes

I’ve decided to base my research on The White Stripes, they are an American band which started in 1997.

This is their first video for “Hotel Yorba”, it is a very simple video and concentrates on the band playing. This video promotes the band so the audience will know abit about what there like.

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What is the purpose of music videos??

The main purpose of a music video is to promote the band. Music videos are just another form of advertising and if the band/artist makes a good video it will stay in the viewers mind and they will remember it. This means people will go out and buy their CD’s.

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Music Video

For this assignment I will be investigating the purposes of music videos, I will be carrying primary and secondary research in order to find out. Once this is done, I will start to make my own music video.

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