Advertising Placement

July 6, 2010 woodatha

Advertising placement is choosing where to place their advertisement using placement targeting, this means you get to choose exactly where your advertisement is placed.

But you have to place your advertisement in the right place that is suitable for your target audience. For example the picture below shows an example of how you can put your advertisement in the wrong place.
The article is very serious as its about how someone’s death, but opposite it is an advert for hair colour but the tag line is “oops” with a picture of a woman looking shocked. This is a juxtaposition as the two things are complete opposites.

An example of advertising placement in films is Spiderman. Peter Parker is seen shooting his web at a Dr. Pepper can. This helped advertise the company as this is a well known film so people will go out and buy their product. Another example of advertising placement in a film is Waynes World, this is different from Spiderman as it is mocking the fact that other films use advertising placement. For example in one scene Wayne is seen eating Pizza Hut but as he is doing so he is looking at the camera and talking about how he’s going to eat it so the audience know that he is talking the mick.


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